Cheeky Fox Churros Bournemouth

Cheeky Fox Churros is a modern churros mobile catering unit, that brings fresh, flavoursome food to the streets, festivals and events.

In our eyes, flavour is the key to all food and that’s what we bring, keeping in mind that consumers and food lovers are becoming ever more food-conscious.

With that being said we place great emphasis on using the best products and produce available including good for your heart olive oil, vegan friendly foods, where possible, and we even have low fat options.

Our hope, is that we will be allowed to bring our churros with sweet, modern twists such as peanut and jelly, lemon meringue pie, orange and marmalade Jaffa Cake flavour and sugar selection, to your event.

We would love to work with you so get in touch, give us a shout and tell us what your event is, what requirements you need us to meet and we would be happy to join in the fun with our Cheeky Fox Churros.

For more information either call us or fill in the enquiry form below and we will get back to you.

07715 628 321

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Really… why choose Cheeky Fox?

There are many vendors that sell churros, so why go with Cheeky Fox Churros, like anything it’s the attention to detail that matters.Cheeky Fox Churros has five things that sets it apart from the rest and it’s that combination that is key to the taste of its churros

1  Most just think Churros are just flour and water, and in most part that would be right, churros where made for the people by the people many years ago and it would be seen as a treat, something to be eaten once a week.

“It’s the simple things that are hardest to perfect”.

So we started at the beginning with the flour, we tried and tested over 50 types of flour from around the world taking into consideration air miles and other environmental factors and found the best flour right here in the UK which is made by a family run mill, and trust the cheeky fox when he says its all about the flour, it is, it makes all the difference.

2  Cheeky Fox secret ingredient, yes, the flour is a big factor, but we have found that, by adding this simple ingredient to the Cheeky Fox Churros, makes such a big impact on the finishing product, colour, taste, crispness.

This whole ingredient which is used around the world and is not harmful and is organically grown, which is why adding just a pinch or so takes the Cheeky Fox Churros to the next level.

3  We tracked down a family in Spain, and asked if they would let us use their family recipe for churros and with their blessing Cheeky Fox Churros is able to bring a churros that is both new and classic, with the Cheeky Fox Churros, you get the best of both worlds, tradition with a modern twist.

4  Equipment, we have speared no cost and once again made the trip to the land of Churros Spain and sourced the best fryer and churros maker, and we found a family that have been making churros equipment for the last 70 years, so get ready to try your first Cheeky Fox Churros.

5  Flavour and the staff make up the last of our five, cheeky fox, brings some really cheeky flavours to our customers, and with the help of our great staff what flavour will you pick?

Want us at your event, call, email, get in touch and lets check dates..

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